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Re: Bike Theft

Post by rumpoldstilskin » 13 Oct 2018, 00:00

Stumoores wrote:Check out dispatches at 8 tonight for more sickening truths.

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Good shout, kinda cemented the hatred for thieves even more, and very true the end bit. I feel sorry for those shop keepers and bikers etc living in and around these big cities with a police force thinner than the hairs on my ball sack.

Just makes no sense.

..... side note, and literally the first one that i came across, so no bias against women but, >£7m on statues for Womens right campaigners.... mental! How many coppers salaries would that have covered eh? Or nurses.

Its crazy!! Image

Or even worse..... £13.4bn on over seas aid. I get we can help and probably should, but when we have our own shit, our own disasters and our own pretty much civil wars going on (think lawless britain here), shouldn’t it be spent a little closer to home.

I’ve travelled a lot and never once have I seen a street harasser or a bucket being shaken asking for money to buy scousers eloquence lessons or socks for posh boys who were shoes without socks..... i mean c’mon they look so twatty, we all know they have spent their inheritance on Dapper Dan cream and a Ralph Lauren polo get up, and its so impoverished down south.

What a joke the world is.

One thing I do like though, this proper punishment hand outs that some so called ‘emerging’ countries still use.... an eye for an eye style- that would definitely work.

A career criminal wouldn’t get very far with no hands i reckon.

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