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Re: Forums

Posted: 08 Apr 2017, 08:42
by Cabernet
SMUDGER wrote:
pch1 wrote:I'm on here to police your grammar; now where's that amusing fella @Smudger and his tales of an oversprayed, red kitchen? Image

I'm here but think you need to police oversprayed..... :lol:
That'll be @Cupidstunt safe. Last I heard he struggles for a flaccid dribble these days.

Re: Forums

Posted: 16 Apr 2017, 17:15
by mozzersaints
CRM wrote:Forums are all starting to die away thanks to facebook.
one thing facebook got sorted was the ease of access and for all from either browser or mobile, where as forum software mostly stayed static and behind the times.
only issue i have with facebook is the IQ of the average poster and so much click bait.
For every question asked on facebook you seem to get 8 stupid answers where people just post because they can without any actual knowledge of the topic in question, and a couple of sensible helpful replies.
Forums are mostly the other way around and the baffling registration procedure helps keep the dime bars at bay.

However one forum i use quite a bit simply because of the personalities and banter is the PB forum. you need a thick skin there and they can smell blood like sharks, mucho piss taking goes on there.
fuckin great for fishing though