Paying for online content - opinions?

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Re: Paying for online content - opinions?

Post by rumpoldstilskin » 28 Dec 2016, 18:03

cupidstunt wrote:
rumpoldstilskin wrote:I'm with Clarkey on the adverts saga, when youtube sold out to Google it went down the shitter IMHO, forced advertising and tracking cookies wtf. Everytime i have a little love affair with some old skool Eurthymics or ACDC i get constant adverts popping up for whatever i've been searching for on google, really yanks my chain.

I pay for Netflix and that is purely because i don't have to sit through any adverts and i chose what i watch not forced by what else is being shown, football etc.
Download ad blocker plus and install its completely free and works a treat.
cheers, I'll try that. Had something similar on my laptop years ago but now its all streamed to a google chrome stick via my phone, life is easy, no lost remote controls haha

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