Unexpected reaction.

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Re: Unexpected reaction.

Post by paulb » 02 Nov 2016, 13:41

lee wrote:What is a 4b?

Im pondering what to do over the person that lives behind me.

They got a dog and she stands at the back door at about 11.30 every night with the thing barking its bollocks off.
She just stands there looking at it.

Options seem to be
1) shoot the dog.
2) shoot the woman.
3) shout "oi, shut that fucking dog up you fat fuck"
4) as i leave for work at 5.45, stop outside and rev the nuts off the bike, just to ensure it is properly warmed up.

Any suggestions?

Was also considering writing "selfish cunt" in daffodil bulbs in their front garden, ready for spring.
Option 4 would be me....

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Re: Unexpected reaction.

Post by mozzersaints » 06 Nov 2016, 15:08

My garage is at the back of the house but under the bedroom window, its an old garage with a metal lifting door......I was allays very respectful of entering the garage in a morning7.50 am because I know the lock and the door can make a bit of noise, so I tried my best to be quiet..........the retired couple caught me putting my bike away after work one night and he asked me could I not leave it in the garden as its a nuisance.
so now at 7.50 am I make as much noise as I can opening the door, I warm the bike up in the garage and occasionally when I'm in work on a Sunday I set the alarm off on purpose just for my own amusement.

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Re: Unexpected reaction.

Post by rumpoldstilskin » 08 Nov 2016, 01:01

Image like

When i first moved into my current house some flash get opposite would wake me every saturday morning with his tuned up lotus elise. After 4 weeks of his car bouncing off the rev limiter enough was enough.

Took the can off my RVF at the time, and turned her over and gave her a little just to clear her throat and all, never been woken since- 4 years on :)

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