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Share a story... Something surprising

Post by Clarkey » 04 Feb 2018, 15:05

I'm liking how the forum is livening up again the last few weeks - hopefully we can get the lurkers to post a few replies when they're reading through...

So with this in mind, has anyone got any good bike related stories where they were surprised by something? I'm leaving it purposefully vague...

Mine would be when I did a road bike track day at Cadwell park. It wasn't a full on track day, but started with instructors in a group then went to open track at the end of the day. To stop it being mental and allow people to take their own lines without fear of nutters, you weren't allowed to overtake until the rider in front signaled you past, unless you were on the main straight then you were allowed...

I did it on my Aprilia Futura. It's a 2002 1000cc V twin with 113bhp when new - believe it uses a version of the rsv/tuono engine with a little better better low down grunt but slightly less top end... It's certainly quick enough, and though it obviously wouldn't match a modern sports bike it goes well enough for me.

So the whole day the bike did me proud, better than I thought I must admit, and if I got out of the last corner well I could stick to the back of pretty much anyone and even passed a few quicker bikes, though needless to say some came whistling past me too... It was good fun

There was a guy on a new ZX10 who couldn't ride, but he never checked his mirrors and it was so quick I couldn't get past on the straight. A few sessions he had quite the queue behind him - very annoying but that's not the story...

Throughout the day and the breaks between sessions you got to see the other bikes in the same session as you. You had the usual mix of sports bikes etc, some older or less common stuff like mine, and there was a fairly new vmax. It was pristine, custom seat on it, fancy pipes etc - someone had spent a few quid on it (or perhaps bought it from Rump after he had, lol)...

Anyway, we get on one of the last sessions of the day and I get behind the vmax. The bloke could clearly ride it, and though they obviously they don't corner quite as nicely as some bikes as they're such a big lump, it was good to follow him... We go round the track and I'm still behind him round the last few corners onto the straight

I got onto it pretty well, and had the throttle of the Futura fully open whilst tucked in going as quick as I knew how, fairly up his arse...

Then he opened the taps...

Fuck me! Lol

Honestly, it left me for dead like I couldn't believe, completely fucked off like nothing else throughout the day, and genuinely made me laugh in my helmet. Up to that point my bike felt like I was doing well, and this thing made me look like I was on a scooter. Fair play, powerful beast and he wasn't afraid of it

Good memories

Live Forever or Die Trying

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Re: Share a story... Something surprising

Post by norifan » 08 Feb 2018, 09:31

Was coming out of Rochdale onto the "Owd Betts" me & the Mrs on my 1200 bandit, my lad & his mate on his zx7r we caught up with an old guy on a Honda silver wing scooter. First time I got chance on the straight bit I passed him then same for my lad. We canes it over the top down past the pub then into the nice corners I looks in the mirror and this Owd lad is right with my son showing him his front wheel into the corners, this carried on all the way along the old road to Haslingden. Then as we came off the roundabout onto the bypass into the first lane. The old guy fires straight across to the 2nd lane accelerating up to about 90 and disappears. Piss pot helmet on beaming like a Cheshire cat. We still laugh about it now 12 years on. I'm sure it was Foggy's dad or someone similar going home for his tea😂😂

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