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Barry boy bikes

Post by rumpoldstilskin » 22 Apr 2017, 01:44

A good number of years ago this was a monthly column in Fast Car/max power magazines, it used to show off the effects of smoking weed in your late teens when you have a serious addiction to wearing burberry, rockport, loved nothing more than a cheap kebab sat in your Corsa B sri look-a-like with an Argos/Halfrauds catalogue to flick through but somehow ended up with a lunch box siliconed to your roof as a fake air intake or a steel bin for an exhaust.

Now-a-days i don't buy max power etc so to amuse myself whilst trawling through ebay i look out for these treasures.
I came across this beauty..... A barry boy'd VFR800, although the exhausts look well made..... Just wtf?!!

Got any more treasures? ImageImageImageImage

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