Another Intruder

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Another Intruder

Post by J..R » 27 Jun 2022, 19:23

Nope not that kind of Intruder..

But its the 2nd Intruder I have owned, the first one, although it ws a cracking bike was causing me more problems thenI would let on...

This one though is an 03 intruder, with when I purchased it had just shy of 12.2k miles on it at £1850!!!!! (nearest ones on ebay with 25k+ where going for 2.5k at least)

Chains been sorted since these photo's, 3 turns on each side and a new rear left indicator has been ordered (as it needed one in all honesty), as well as having a new rear tyre ready to go.

I rode the bike back from just outside of Settle after seeing it, and I'll be completely honest, I had a big smile on my face the entire time.

ImageSuzuki_03_Intruder by john rooney, on Flickr

ImageSuzuki_03_Intruder_03 by john rooney, on Flickr

Hopefully at somepoint once this is paid off be going in for the full test (at long last)

Thanks for Looking!


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