One of those good days

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One of those good days

Post by CRM » 28 May 2016, 20:47

After a testing week, there is not much better than having an afternoon free, good weather, a bike in need of a "run" and a full jerry can of premix.

Helmet - Shoei XR1100 (Plain white for that unmarked copper look)
Jacket - HG fabric affair (Black)
Pants - HG leathers (Black)
Footwear - Alpinestars Adventure Toucan (Black)

So a full tank of premix added, i head off over towards my mums house which is around 15 miles away if using lanes and back roads. Backpack contains 1 litre of premix and some more castrol power 1 fully synthetic oil (cos i have no idea just how this will be on fuel on the road)
The new Dashboard is great to read, RPM pretty easy to digest quickly as is the speed and temperatures all looking good. I give it around 4 - 5 miles to warm up properly (i am not an animal, new crank and piston needs a bit of loving) and then i start to wind her up. Come over the crest of a hill between Mold and Ruthin and spot a Scamera van in the distance facing me. Hmmm well a smallish number plate on a jaunty angle thats flexi so shakes and wobbles as you ride - ah whatever so i open it up and give him a wave (little one fingered wave on the way past) before clocking my speed and slowing down a bit.
The next few miles are quick A road and fun, picking cars off is easy, brakes are astounding and the bikes handling feels all very familiar and so so light.

A quick rip through town, i decide it would be prudent to fill up with fuel while i am by a petrol station and 15 miles - well you don't pass fill up opportunities on a bike like this.
so a poxy £1.12 later and a bit of 2 stroke oil added i crack on and head over to A&D motorcycles to see if i can coax the owner to selling me his 400 Katana he has had there for years.
I pull up to a car park full of bikes and people sitting having a brew in the sun all looking a bit bemused at what has just audibly and nasally assaulted them, i look for somewhere to lean the bike - Hmmm no walls accessible so i lean it up in the door way and go inside to see Alan. With him no where to be seen i give the 400 Kat a stroke on the way out thinking "one day you will be mine" and am greeted to a few puzzled faces checking out the bike leaning up in the entrance.
One young lad asks the inevitable "iz it fast mate, cos i got a 125 and its fuggin mental innit" so after explaining this is just a look a like i make my exit and head to mums for a brew.

Quick picture opportunity then back on the bike before the rain comes in and head home almost the same way i came giving matey in the camera van another wave on the way past.

So what have i learnt
1 - it's about as comfortable as sitting on a fence.
2 - its actually really good on fuel when being ridden "sensibly"*
3 - It makes me smile and laugh constantly. i just dont get the same kick out of newer faster bikes, sometimes less is more.
4 - passing bikers, people, car drivers look at you like you are odd. It sounds pretty anti social and looks illegal, but what ever.
5 - I miss having a side stand, you look a bit of a twat leaning a bike up against a petrol pump to other customers.

Anyway some picture whoring


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Re: One of those good days

Post by SMUDGER » 28 May 2016, 21:04

Your lesson 3 crm I would agree.
Call me gullible but old water system on the cb500 was shot leaking nit holding water I fitted new radiator last week thermastat cleaned it out proper topped her up with fresh coolant today had a 20 mile spin on it and boy did it make me smile it's like the cooling system has turned this bike into a monster..

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