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Complete power loss on my Bandit

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Complete power loss on my Bandit

PostTue Oct 25, 2016 8:14 pm

Upon leaving work on friday the bike fired up, spluttered like normal for a few seconds until I set the choke. But before setting the choke position she just cut out / died, no electrics or lights, just as if turning off with the key, not a light on the dash or a sweep of the needles. Switched on / off / on - nothing. So checked main 30A fuse, all good there. Wiggled key and gave a push up and down and got a single sweep of needles and that was it ( no lights of any sort). Left the bike in work and went home for the weekend and consulted the haynes manual and tinterweb. I narrowed down the problem to a possible ignition switch fault ( corrosion at plug, break in wire ?? ) assuming that after checking the feed from battery to ignition switch was all good. So i went to work armed with tools and volt meter, Electrics from battery to solanoid through main fuse and onto ignition were sound so i dismantled the headlamp and performed a continuity test across the ignition plug terminals and hey presto 2 of the 3 paired wires ( red + orange and grey + brown ) returned continuity but the Black / white + orange / yellow failed ( this circuit runs power to ICU and all dash bulbs, tacho and lights ). So i have ordered a new ignition switch set and hopefully this fixes the issue. I'll report back when its delivered and fitted.
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Re: Complete power loss on my Bandit

PostWed Oct 26, 2016 6:58 am

Humm. Getting the old switch off will be fun. Did you order new anti-tamper bolts too?
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