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keith powell
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Post by keith powell » 30 Apr 2016, 21:52

Hi guys,

I want to thank the guys who offered to weld the exhuast on my arrow for me.

Seems it would have been a waste, as it was a chrome weld and the exhaust was borked anyways.

So i've let the bike got for spares, but thanks to everyone who has helped and said great things to get me past this.

I know it's not the first time and won't be that last but you realy do feel anger when a litle pratt takes your stuff.

I think being honest I would have been better off if he had wrapped himself around a tree, or just disappeared with the bike.
Hidsight is a marvelous thing.
I don't feel any remorse in wish the little crud 'self harm' in the slightest, indeed I would truly feel like justice had prevailed.

So anyways thanks guys as always a 'heap of help'.


PS im going to bleat on now about the great brain ride 2016!!!!!!!!!

Google it, and even if you don't ride it, pay a fiver!!! !!!!!! Please.


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