Diavel tear down

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Re: Diavel tear down

Post by rumpoldstilskin » 12 May 2020, 19:19

Stumoores wrote:I thought about the border folk too. I can drive from here to Lands End some 270 mile away but Flint (27 miles) is forbidden. I’m sick of all the coverage now. There’s some nutcases in Wales for sure. A solo ride somewhere to meet 1 other will have to do for now. Bring a flask and a butty cos there’s fuck all open. TBH the trumper will probably stay on sorn till June. I’ll cut about on the Cub for a bit. Weathers supposed to pick up by the back end of the week. Are they heavy on chains n sprockets them big v twins, or have you been giving it a handful?

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Tbh Stu they look like the OEM ones, cannot say for sure as i lost the folder in the house move Image.
But she has nearly 40k on her now and the dreaded chain slap so thought best the change whilst i had some money spare, plus it means i dont have the clean the old one- always a bonus.

It eats tyres i will say that, not seen more than 1000 out of the last, a Pirelli Diablo, would say i'll invest in some new ones but part worns are £50 with 6mm on them. New we're talking 300+, sod that

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