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by Xjr1300
07 Feb 2017, 06:54
Forum: Introductions
Topic: NEW MEMBER, NEW BIKER.....almost
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Re: NEW MEMBER, NEW BIKER.....almost

Hello mate and welcome
by Xjr1300
03 Dec 2016, 12:54
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Best cleaning spray
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Re: Best cleaning spray

I'm not a fan of these bike cleaners always found rinsing off the salt with water then a normal car wash shampoo
by Xjr1300
22 Sep 2016, 08:10
Forum: The Garage
Topic: Any tips rusting chrome
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Re: Any tips rusting chrome

Tin foil and water usually works for light rust spots,use shiny side
by Xjr1300
03 Jan 2016, 17:32
Forum: Bikes / Parts - For Sale
Topic: Rolling workbench for sale
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Re: Rolling workbench for sale

Nice strong bench Dan,just built one myself only two weeks ago otherwise i would have been interested

by Xjr1300
30 Nov 2015, 20:47
Forum: Off Topic
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Our firm refitted the bar out last month not sure when its opening though
by Xjr1300
18 Oct 2015, 17:58
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Topic: What have you done today?
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Re: What have you done today?

Had a nice bimble to the Raven for breakfast,met a few lads and talked shite for a couple of hours
by Xjr1300
16 Oct 2015, 18:17
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Torque wrench Aldi
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Re: Torque wrench Aldi

i know a few lads who have bought this,ive just emailed Aldi to see if i can get the torque range ill post up if they reply
by Xjr1300
12 Oct 2015, 18:31
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: new mobile phone suggestions
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Re: new mobile phone suggestions

I've had the iPhone 6 for 3mths now prior to that I had the 4s,both phones perform really well,I use mine for calls texts emails and Internet browsing
don't bother with the LGG3,my Mrs has one and she wants to change it,it's really slow compared to her last phone which was a Samsung S3
by Xjr1300
13 Sep 2015, 01:08
Forum: The Garage
Topic: Awesome Cleaning tip!
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Re: Awesome Cleaning tip!

I bought one of those hand held steam cleaners and found it really useful downside was it ran out of steam pretty quickly,and had to keep refilling and waiting for it to come up to temperature so when it Came to cleaning my car engine I bought a Polti cylinder steam cleaner a lot more steam capacity...
by Xjr1300
18 Jun 2015, 20:35
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: chain lube.
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Re: chain lube.

Wurth Dry in summer Castrol Performance through winter. When using Wurth make sure your chain is clean and dry, apply the night before then use little often and it won't rust. Spot on,I've used worth for years never had a rusty chain,but as some of you that know me I'm absolute about keeping me bik...