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by rumpoldstilskin
26 Jul 2019, 15:51
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Anyone with a mint R1?
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Re: Anyone with a mint R1?

Motorcycle News: Do you own an R1? Yamaha needs your bike.... Live Forever or Die Trying There was that guy on Salvage Hunters(ch4) a few years ago, zero miles blue/white mk1 4xv R1, sweet baby jebus!! I do...
by rumpoldstilskin
26 Jul 2019, 15:49
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: S&S Vs Harley Engine
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Re: S&S Vs Harley Engine

For reasons unbeknown to me i have had zero access on here for what seems like months now [emoji33] I have owned a Hardley Dangerous and have been in an S&S powered Morgan. Loved my Harley to bits but out of the crate it needs to breathe better- if i wanted that option i’d be parting with £1000+ so ...
by rumpoldstilskin
09 Jun 2019, 09:50
Forum: The Garage
Topic: Dark petrol.
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Re: Dark petrol.

If it was mine i would drain it and put fresh fuel in but thats just me. Have to say though iv'e never understood why people lay their bikes up you get some cracking days in the winter just get out and enjoy it. Iv'e had my bike 13 years now and those that know it say it's in first class nick and i...
by rumpoldstilskin
09 Jun 2019, 09:46
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Topic: Noisy bikers beware
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Re: Noisy bikers beware

Thats me fucked, this big sounds like a plane!!
by rumpoldstilskin
09 Jun 2019, 09:45
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Topic: Best bike stories
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Best bike stories

Stumoores wrote:4 hells angels bikes stolen, incident at knutsford on the M6, now there’s an interesting bike story !

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A video of how any punishment is inflicted would be epic viewing
by rumpoldstilskin
09 May 2019, 23:06
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Topic: RS660?
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Re: RS660?

I seen a fully camouflaged landrover yesterday on the motorway near Heathrow, got photos too- i’m betting it the new defender.
by rumpoldstilskin
28 Apr 2019, 14:28
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Topic: Yamaha Viagra
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Re: Yamaha Viagra

If only it were the mono shock mmmm
by rumpoldstilskin
28 Apr 2019, 14:27
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Topic: Money to Burn?
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Re: Money to Burn?

Looks like a modded Honda Rukus
by rumpoldstilskin
19 Apr 2019, 15:34
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Topic: Are insurance companies getting the message?
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Re: Are insurance companies getting the message?

No word of a lie- had my car replaced with a Vauxhall Adam 1.0 from a Fiat 500 1.2 (that was worth more.

Fiat was £97 fully comp
Adam ~£1000!!!! What the actual funk!!

Managed to get it down to £340 but still thats a joke
by rumpoldstilskin
17 Apr 2019, 20:08
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Topic: Me Again
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Re: Me Again

Someone’s doing well, had a ‘race’ with one of them in Bolton last week, wow! Quickasfuki.

You well besides? Not seen you in two years easily